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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  June 4, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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authorities in oak parker investigating the suspicious fire that destroyed the villages only gay bar good afternoon i am steve sanders and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us run the country on wgn america and on the web judy wang is in oak park with the top story the club's owner said he had problems in the past but nothing like this ... reality is sinking and ...
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>>i broke down in tears when it finally hit me i could not sleep all night this morning i'm still in shock when i walked back to look i couldn't even think straight ... the velvet rope lounge fire broke out early in the morning the fire gutted the interior of that business anti- gay graffiti was on the walls and a back door was kicked and police took away a portion of a wall with a hand print as possible evidence >>i had all my personal belongings and business documents in there and nothing was touched ... it wasn't looking like there were trying to rob the place the fire did damage the restaurant and toy store next door ... many residents say that they hope it wasn't a hate crime ... >>oak park is not this kind of
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community where you have to be ashamed ... >>we have all the things that make this a great place to live for everyone ... >>oak park once had an openly gay village president ... there is a new club opening and many of the employees will be moved to that business in lake view police were surprised when they stopped a car for a traffic violation ... they found a three year-old holding a loaded gun ... 19 year-old keishawn king was arrested when police tried to pull over carload of people in the east garfield park neighborhood ... no one was hurt keishawn king is being held on $50,000 bond ...
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chicago police have captured a suspect in last month's stabbings of four members of the julius price was arrested as he visited a friend, keith gunn, in jail. witnesses say, the angels saw a robbery may 15-th on a c-t-a train at clark and division, and tackled gunn as he ran off the train with a man's stolen i- phone. that's when, they say price attacked the men. price is being held on 750 thousand dollars bond. police in oak lawn arrested a bank robber after he got stuck in an air duct. charles estell is due in court tomorrow after he was charged with bank robbery. he was arrested at a strip mall in oak lawn early sunday morning. police say estell admitted that he entered the bank through the ceiling after employees opened the vault. money was taken, and the employees were tied up. police say they were responding to the robbery, when estell ran into an office next door. officers couldn't find him at first, but then they realized he was in an air duct. the air duct was so tight that they had to cut the robber out from it. drew peterson says he's sick of being called "sinister" and very angry about what's happened
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to him and his family. peterson has been jailed in will county for the last three years.. awaiting trial for the murder of his third wife, kathleen savio. jury selection is set to begin july 23rd. in an interview with the chicago sun-times.. peterson says his two sons with savio have never asked him if he killed their mother because they know he didn't. peterson is also the chief suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife, stacy peterson. chicago public schools c-e-o jean claude brizard is urging the teachers union to hold off plans for a strike authorization vote. brizard spoke at a southside church yesterday -- where he asked that teachers wait until july 16th -- instead of taking the vote on wednesday. this morning, brizard spoke on cltv and said he'd like the teachers to wait until an independent panel makes its recommendations. the teachers union claims the
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to do this prior to july 16th is not doing anyone a service any information in their hands well before then cps proposals will lead to larger class sizes more children expelled and lower student achievement levels. under a new state law, 75 percent of the teachers would have to approve a strike. and cps has reached a contract deal with its second largest union. the service employees international represents custodians, school bus aides, security aides and others. the proposed three-year contract includes a wage increase and an assurance that no more union jobs would be outsourced. children's memorial hospital is holding its official ribbon cutting ceremony at its new location today, the ann and robert h lurie children's hospital of chicago. after 130 years in chicago's lincoln park neighborhood... a new state of the art facility is ready to welcome patients. wgn's randi belisomo is live in streeterville with more. good afternoon this hospital as you know has drawn support of
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250,000 donors the donor for whom it was named gave 100 million. this hospital stands in streeterville as the symbol of hope and healing ... this hospital is now ready to receive patients more than 700 people attended the ribbon cutting this morning at this new streeterville location made possible by $100 million gift from ann lurie ... a former patient wrote her ... >>i am so proud this facility will reflect the sort of amazing work happening inside ... it's an incredible hospital >>this 13 year-old echoes the sentiment she's a former leukemia patient to his cancer free today >>even when they were building the hospital we kids were a big part of it we were helping to create kid friendly spaces and the hospital we got to share the stories we had with the
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construction workers children's memorial at kreutz facility after years in lincoln park ... this will expedite care to newborns at the new location near the women's hospital >>there will be wonderful dedicated staff and the new space through the years they've represented the paddock pinnacle of pediatric care with extraordinary kindness ... a young senator dick durbin more than 40 years ago drunkedrove his daughter from springfield for care >>it enjoys a reputation as one of america's best pediatric hospitals and that will continue with this new facility >>four years of planning will
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have gone into this saturday's effort when the patients are transferred here from the old facility join me saturday night as wgn hosts a special half-hour special on the opening of the hospital. it's called "children's rising"... from 9:30 until ten p-m central.. on wgn channel 9 and wgn america. the self-proclaimed porn actor accused of mailing dismembered body parts to canadian political parties is arrested in germany. the attorney for george zimmerman could file a motion today seeking a new bond hearing for trayvon martin's shooter. plus... find out which two members of the president's inner circle had to be stopped from getting into a physical fight.
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for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. the manhunt for a canadian porn actor wanted for murdering and dismembering his victim... ended today in germany. police say luka magnotta videotaped the grisly crime and taunted investigators by posting it on the internet. he's also accused of mailing parts of the body to police and politicians... including canada's prime minister. investigators in berlin arrested magnotta after someone at an internet cafe recognized him. after confirming his identification... canadian authorities are working on his extradition back to canada.
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george zimmerman's attorney says he plans to file a motion today seeking an immediate bond hearing for his client... after a judge revoked his bond. zimmerman is charged with second degree murder in the death of 17-year old trayvon martin. on friday... a judge revoked zimmerman's bond... saying he was not honest about how much money he had access to when his bond was set in april. he surrendered to police and went back to jail yesterday. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty... claiming he acted in self-defense. jury selection begins tomorrow in the sexual abuse trial of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. sandusky has pleaded not guilty to charges of sexually abusing ten young boys over a period of 14 years. prosecutors allege he met some of his accusers through "second mile".. a charity he created for underprivileged children. the allegations against sandusky led to the firing of penn state head football coach joe paterno who died a short time later.
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crews expect the death toll to rise as they continue to search for bodies after a plane crashed in nigeria yesterday. the plane went down in a residential area in lagos killing all 153 people on board. at least ten people on the ground were also killed. the dana air flight reported engine problems to a control tower just before it crashed. crews are looking for the flight's data recorders to determine the cause of the crash. in honor of the victims nigeria's president has declared a national three-day period of mourning. missiles fired from a suspected american drone -- killed militants in pakistan for the third day in a row. at least six missiles were fired at a militant compound, near the afghan border today. the new york times reports at least 14 militants were killed early today. this area is known to hold groups that have attacked international troops in afghanistan. drones carried out deadly attacks on militants saturday and sunday. the white house says those attacks are "in full accordance with the law." a new book coming out tomorrow claims attorney general eric holder and obama advisor david axelrod once got so mad at each
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other... they had to be physcially separated. author daniel klaidman writes... quote... "the two men stood chest to chest. it was like a school yard fight" he claims holder and axelrod had to be separated by white house advisor, valerie jarret. the incident is detailed in the book, "kill or capture, the war on terror and the soul of the obama presidency." the two men reportedly argued over accusations that axelrod was trying to interfere in the operations of the justice department. britain's prince philip is hospitalized with a bladder infection. there's no word if he'll be in attendance as the celebration of queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee continues today with a star-studded concert featuring paul mccartney, elton john and other artists. sunday, a flotilla of boats floated down the thames river. the queen and members of the royal family traveled aboard the royal barge as the flotilla passed under tower bridge. an estimated one and a quarter million spectators turned out to watch. queen elizabeth is the second longest serving monarch in english history.. marking 60 years on the throne.
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the expanded testing for e. coli that begins today for some types of meat. that story still ahead. but first -- would you allow your young child to use facebook? the policy change that the social media giant is considering. and later in lunchbreak, we are making sweet summer dessert that comes straight from the grill.
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live it from the new york stock exchange ... the average price for gas is $3.59 that is less than was one week ago 21¢ less than last month chicago gasoline prices are higher than the national average $3.94 ... all
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this is on mounting concerns about european debt crisis in the global economic slowdown ... we are taking a look at the numbers the market is still reeling from the effects of friday's dismal jobs report we see red arrows across the board after the big sell-off ... now is a good time to take a closer look at your credit card rewards points ... the l.a. times reports that more than half in a survey plan to use the rewards points to cover travel costs ... everything on air fare to hotel to gasoline ... best western is charming housekeepers with ultraviolet sterilization wants to clean up the procession that these mid scale hotel rooms there's a perception they are felt they ... these black lights
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help housekeeper's spot hard to see biological material and food particles ... a survey showed that people care more about having a clean room and customer service or other amenities according to best western with parental supervision children under 13 may soon be able to join facebook. the social networking side is developing special new features for children's pages the technology would allow parents to control with their kids " friend " and what applications they can use. the new features, also enable facebook to charge parents for games and other entertainment that is accessed by their children. facebook currently bans users under the age of 13 but many are already lying about their age in order to get access to facebook
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accounts getting your clothing dry cleaned may soon cost you more money and it's all because of metal hanger's they are already a big expense for dry cleaners now hangars are expected to cost even more since the united states is imposing a new trade panel take on vietnam the commerce department says that the vietnamese government has been unfairly subsidizing wire hanger exports to the u.s. imported $31 million of the hangars last year dry cleaner owners say that they could pass the price increase on to customers and 11 year-old boy in rochester minnesota is going to bring an excuse to school today as to why he missed class's last friday tyler sullivan was with his father at the honeywell co. will president obama had been visiting after president obama gave his speech tyler was in the meet and greet line with his
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father where he had a chance to shake hands with the president the fifth grader said that president obama asked him about his absence from school that day and then he pulls a letter- writing pad and signed an excuse note for tyler tyler will show his teacher the note but he intends to ask for it back still coming up a man is nearly killed by a freak accident involving sunscreen + wisconsin gov. scott walker makes the final campaign push before his recall election and we have music this midday from david safran.... [ male announcer ] tom's discovering that living healthy can be fun. see? he's taking his vitamins. one a day vitacraves plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting gummy.
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one a day gummies for grown-ups.
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doctor if lyrica is right for your fibromyalgia pain. a historic and contentioius battle is to be decided tomorrow in wisconsin when the gubernatorial recall vote is taken. it's a tight race -- but wisconsin's governor scott walker is leading in two polls against challenger milwaulee mayor tom barrett. the polls show walker with a lead of three and six percentage points. the race is polarizing some voters -- and at times it's getting nasty for those who speak out for their candidate. >>i was walking down the street taking videos of both sides and
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a woman came out of a crowd and whacked me ... >>i was knocked down with my video camera taken ... >> both of these voters said they are hoping for civility to take over -- whatever the outcome of the election. governor walker was recalled because of a new law that reduces the power of public sector unions. voter turnout is expected to be 65 percent. and already -- there's a large number of absentee votes. cook county home and business owners can expect to be paying their second installment of property taxes sooner than later this year. property tax bills are expected to hit mailboxes in early july for the first time in decades. that means payments will be due august 1-st compared to the november 1-st due date last year. this also ensures that school districts and local governement won't have to take out short- term loans to make ends meet... saving the country 20-million dollars. chicago is switching to a new garbage collection system. notices will go out to households on the north side beginning today. the grid-garbage collection
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system, which should save taxpayers money, starts next monday. the only change people might see is the day of garbage collection. registration for chicago public housing opens today. the chicago housing authority began accepting applications for its pubclic housing wait list this morning. the registration period will go through june 29-th. applicants must reside within the douglas, kenwood oakland new city, or fuller park communities. the c-h-a will hold an electronic lottery drawing to determine each applicant's place on the waiting list. today could be the last day in business for "felony franks"... the near west side hot dog stand known for hiring ex-convicts. the restaurant's owner says a bad element hanging around a nearby liquor store and a legal battle with the city over its name... has drained him of financial resources. it's menu of "misdemeanor wieners" and "probation burgers" was inspired by the criminal justice system. the owner says he has several interested buyers to whom he would license the controversial name... on condition they continue to hire ex-cons.
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the pastor who gained national attention from a rooftop ... is now taking his message on the road. pastor corey brooks of new beginnings church will start his three-thousand mile journey across america tomorrow -- and he's doing it on foot. brooks is making the trek to raise *15-million* dollars to build a new community center in the woodlawn neighborhood. the center will be where a vacant motel once stood. brooks lived on the rooftop of that motel for three months ... to bring attention to inner city violence. brooks will take his first step saying he learned from his experience and he believes it is going to happen in several months >>i believe we will get to those millions he leaves from times square tomorrow morning. he'll make it to chicago on july 15th... and finish in los angeles, in four months.
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some chicago firefighters and police officers faced off this weekend. the police enforcers football team took on the fire department's blaze, for the first responders memorial bowl. it was at brother rice high school. and the game stayed close until the end. the firefighters pulled off the victory, by scoring with less than a minute left in the game. the blaze defeated the enforcers, 19 to 13. stay with us- jim ramsey is next with your full forecast. [ male announcer ] tom's discovering that living healthy can be fun. see? he's taking his vitamins. one a day vitacraves plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting gummy. one a day gummies for grown-ups.
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if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... well, shoot, that's like checking on your burgers after they're burnt! [ male announcer ] treat your frequent heartburn by blocking the acid with prilosec otc. and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. a u.s. navy ceremony in washington marks the 70th anniversary of one of the pivotal battles of world war two. the battle of midway began on june 4th, 1942. by the time the three-day battle was over.. outnumbered u-s forces on the tiny pacific island had defeated the japanese attackers and destroyed four japanese aircraft carriers.
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chicago's midway airport is named in honor of the battle of midway. a u.s. navy ceremony in temperatures right now on the lakefront and downtown on in the mid '50s and we are looking at readings in the low '70's in the suburbs some of the mac 80 degrees it is cloudy in peoria it is 73 degrees at o'hare at the moment st. louis is already up to 84 degrees plenty of heat to the
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west and southwest of the chicago-area we will get an on some of them but not until the weekend most likely temperatures are to come close to 90 degrees on sunday we will watch closely ... we're looking at the temperatures across the region and will warm up faster in the far western suburbs it is no longer around to the influence of those lake land conditions wind conditions ... they will get custodygusty cool air here friday moved to the east but it backed up over the chicago area and we won't see any more heat until next weekend ... and the following
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week the temperatures will begin to get up into the 80s as well ... mold and grass are the big offenders on those pollen counts and allergy readings ... self ofto the self of champagne havana we might see some thunderstorms outh of champaign are >>we might see some thunderstorms ... the storm prediction center says there's a slight risk of severe storms to the southeast chicago was not included in that ... out west there are fire
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warnings near nevada and new mexico here is the local forecast this afternoon lake breezing people should be 74 degrees may be 81 degrees tuesday will be partly cloudy mild temperatures the temperatures at the lake will be cooler may be 64 degrees inland we're talking about 77 degrees wednesday will not be a bad day we will still have those lake breeze conditions tempering the conditions it is time now for today's trivia ...
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in the go-ahead run... he was one-for-five, but extended his hitting streak to ten games. chris sale only gave up two runs and struck out eight mariners for his seventh win...
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he threw 119 pitches for the first complete game of his career. sox win 4-2... and now two-and- a-half games up in the division. they're off today before hosting toronto. cubs trying to avoid three straight losses in san francisco. it's scoreless in the fifth when joaquin arias singles to right... it looks like angel pagan will be thrown out but koyie hill drops the ball. still down one in the eighth... melky cabrera singles to left, and the runner comes home all the way from second while alfonso soriano mistakenly throws to second base. cubs get shut out, two- nothing... they've lost 15 of their last 18. they try to avoid the four-game sweep this afternoon.
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jack nicklaus on hand for the final round of the memorial tournament. tiger woods started the day four strokes back... but on the 16-th hole, he chips from behind the green, and it rolls all the way in. nicklaus called it the best shot he's ever seen. wood birdied three of his final four holes for his second win of the year. his 73 career-wins ties him with nicklaus for second all time. we had over 90 bands enter our breakthru band contest! now its band. go to two bands will face off during the wgn midday news, at the arboretum of south barrington music festival on friday june 22. the winning band gets a gig at the fest and studio recording time valued at $10,000. vote today at
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time now for your live illinois lottery drawing... here are the winning pick three numbers: 0 9 1 here are the winning pick four numbers: 2 7 4 8
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brands can do that? i dare to compare... will you? [ female announcer ] anti-breakage from pantene. hair so healthy it shines.
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a man says he suffered second degree burns ... because his sunscreen caught fire. brett sigworth says he sprayed on some banana boat sunscreen and rubbed it on. he then went up to his barbecue grill, to move some charcoal around. he says that's when flames went up his arm and spread all over his body. his chest, ear and back were all burned. there's no warning that says the product is flammable for any time after applying on scan ...kin a warning on the aerosol sunscreen says not to spray it near heat or flames. but the victim says he applied it before he went to the grill. banana boat says it takes this incident seriously and will investigate what happened.
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new drugs show great promise in the fight against the deadliest form of skin cancer. two experimental drugs that block genes tied to melanoma both showed better results than chemotherapy in recent studies. about 80 percent of patients with advanced melanoma who were given the drug "trametinib" were alive after six months. and the drug "dabrafenib" delayed disease progression by more than five months. they were tested separately, but researchers say they're most enthusiastic about combination therapy.. already being studied in final stage trials. in an effort to prevent food borne illnesses.. the usda has added extra testing for dangerous bacteria in meat. they will now be testing for six additional strains of e-coli. if the meat is contaminated, it will not be allowed to be sold and could be subject to a recall. there are more than 700 different strains of the e-coli bacteria. most of these are harmless but some can casue serious problems by attacking the intestinal track. this is the lastest in an intiative developed by the president to improve the way
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food is handeled. most new moms quit breastfeeding sooner than expected. this according to a new study by the centers for disease control and prevention. the study found moms who started to breastfeed within an hour of delivery, were more likely to breastfeed longer. women who were married or in a partnership were also more likely to meet their goals. but mothers who were obese or smoked ... were less likely to continue breastfeeding according to the american academy of pediatrics.. ideally, babies should be fed only breast milk for the first six months. a man from chicago is about to become the youngest student ever to earn a medical degree from the university of chicago. 21-year-old sho yano entered college at age nine... and medical school when he was 12. he also received a phd in molecular genetics and cell biology. after medical school his residency will be in pediatric neurology. besides being a doctor... yano is an accomplished pianist...
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and began composing music at age five. he also has a black belt in tae kwon do. wgn is sponsoring a job fair. the n-double-a-c-p professional and executive diversity job fair will be held tomorrow at the lakeview terrace at navy pier. it runs from 10 a-m to 3 p-m. you must have a four-year degree or above. we are learning how to grill summer fruits.. for a sweet dessert in the lunchbreak.
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it's time for a lunchbreak... chef and proprietor benjamin brittsan of benjamin restaurant in downtown highland park is here with us. we are outdoors grilling fruit peaches and plums.... very ripe...... these are ready we use a nonstick spray. drizzle the fruit with some
12:51 pm
vanilla extract and dark rum and a bit of powdered sugar for extra sweetness grill these face down on the barbecue these will caramelized you want to get a quick sear so it has to be a hot grill just as you would for your meat
12:52 pm
we also want to cook the underside about 20 seconds i am slicing an orange in half so that i can squeeze of fresh orange juice on the grilled fruit when they come off i also have meant that i will use for garnish ... you can also use fresh basil ... we use micro varieties of herbs at the restaurant for added flavor there's a big kick right away when you taste it with that we also have some money and some
12:53 pm
extra virgin olive oil we also serve this with mascarpone cheese we will plate this for you dina you can also use with cream and we also drizzle the honey ... and olive oil ... >>i never would have thought to put all these flavors together by its very mediterranean. i am using a balsamic vinegar glaze ... it's just reduced
12:54 pm
>>this can also be served as a cold salad you can also wrap everything in tinfoil to get warmer you can use cinnamon to garnish you can and berries as well good for your anti oxidant intake ... the new summer menu at benjamin's begins this wednesday. and now through september 9... ravinia ticket holders receive a 15% dining discount. benjamin restaurant is located at: 1849 second street in highland
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park. the recipe can be found on our web site page uncover stronger younger looking skin. [ female announcer ] new aveeno skin strengthening body cream helps transform dry, thinning skin, by strengthening its moisture barrier for improved texture and elasticity in 2 weeks. reveal healthy, supple skin. aveeno skin strengthening.
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and now the answer for today's trivia question: which is the largest and lowest- pitched bow string instrument? a.) cello. b.) double bass. c.) viola. the answer: b.) double bass. jim ramsey is here with a rap on the forecast ... we have been tense direct sunlight today so at 4:00 this afternoon the numbers will be higher ... the 7 day forecast will be close to over 80 today
12:58 pm
if you live to the west you can see temperatures definitely in the '80s ... thanks to the lake breezes we have cooler temperatures closer to chicago and there is a chance of a storm later this week but that is growing slimmer with time going into the weekend saturday and sunday will be interesting we have high temperatures by sunday there is a good chance we can see 90 degrees across the area ... we will call at 88 degrees and see how that develops ... and that is partly cloudy skies for the weekend thanks for joining us today. hope you have a great afternoon. we leave you with more music from david safrin.
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